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Sitting on top of tables is one of the most satisfying things, I don’t even know why it just feels so perfect.

Sitting on top of tables increases happiness by 5000%. I wonder if anyone actually knows why.

we’re all cats in disguise?

Yeah doing that in New Zealand is an insult to the Maori culture.
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lmao me
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Queen Tina Belcher, first of her name.


You know what I don’t understand?

Friends of the opposite sex who don’t respect romantic relationships.

Everyone got friends of the opposite sex and when you do, you tend to say or do some out of pocket stuff that usually goes over both of your heads. Fine.

But when that other person starts dating someone, don’t you adjust yourself accordingly out of respect for their significant other? I feel like if y’all are true friends, your friendship can exist and prosper outside of doing or saying those questionable things. Am I the only one who does that?

When my friend gets a new girl or something, I know to refrain from taking certain kinds of pictures or making certain comments on social media sites, etc. I used to be the kind of person who said fuck it, I was here before your new girl so she gotta deal with the way things are. Maybe in high school. But as you get older and your friends start to date people who they can see themselves with for long periods of time (or not, either way the point is still valid) you gotta understand the impact something as silly as a Facebook comment could make.

That, and as you get older the “bros before hoes” phrase becomes less and less of a thing. When you start to settle down, your significant other tends to compliment your life in ways that might cover more bases than friendships can. Your relationship can become your marriage, your family. You have to be aware of all that potential and respect the changes that may come your friend’s way.

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What doesn’t kill you gives you EXP.
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heaven in a place on earth with you